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SCALA by BASF is a contact fungicide with translaminar action in an SC formulation , forming part of the chemical family of the  Anilinopirimidides, active against Botrytis in vines and of the other agricultural cultures and on Rust  “ Ticchiolatura” of apple and pear . Scala esplicates its biological activity by inhibiting, in the sensitive pathogen funghi, the secretion of the enzymes necessary in the process of infection . Thanks to this particular mechanism of action  Scala results active even on strains of funghi that are scarcely sensitive to  dicarbossimidides . On rust “ ticchiolatura” of  pomaceous it acts by preventative and also curative function  (up to  2-3 days  post- infection).

!This serves only as a guide please read the product label before any treatment

  Safety period*        Safety period*         
Culture 3 7 14 21 Culture 3 7 14 21 o
Apple       Cyclamine         n.s 
Pear       Coverup treatment of tulipan bulbs         n.s 
Vines       Beans        
Lettuce (open field)       Tomato        
Pepper (in greenhouse)       Onion        
Cucumber (in greenhouse)       Carrot        


o - other 
n.s - not specified
* - days