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CYMBAL by Belchim Crop Protection is a fungicide active even in confrontation of the perenospora in vines , and also in confrontation of perenospora indicated here under.  It acts in a double mode , by contact in confrontation of propogation elements of the perenospora (zoospores) and also by an endoterapic action in the confrontation of the mycelium that develops inside the leaf lamina.

!This serves only as a guide please read the product label before any treatment

  Safety period*      Safety period*     
Culture 10 21 28 Culture 10 21 28
Vines     Garlic    
Arthichoke     Onion    
Lettuce      Leek    
Spinach     Potato    
Melon     Tomato     
Squash     Soia    
Cucumber     Sunflower    
Pea     Tobacco