Improved and balanced growth.

VIVA® contains: polysaccharides, proteins, polypeptides, amino acids, humic acids, hormone precursors and vitamin complexes. 
VIVA® acts mainly on the rhizosphere (due to the effect of humic acids and polysaccharides), improving both the developing root's environment and the plant's root system. 
Moreover, treated plants show increased fruit setting and good uniformity in ripening and fruit size.


  • It guarantees balanced plant growth.
  • It promotes good fruit setting and reduces fruit drop.
  • It reduces soil weariness.

Heavy Duty Leaves Shredder and Wood Chipper with a durable 9 HP gasoline engine .

Shreds all branches with leaves
Chips wooden branches up to 3 " diameter
Heavy duty machine with 9 HP engine
Machine on wheels so it can be transported