22-44 kW (30-60 HP)

Mod. A is a rotary tiller that is well-suited for use with tractors that require relatively light implements; it is particularly recommended for tilling soil for the more demanding crops, in vineyards and orchards. With the accessories that are available, it is suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions.


22-44 kW (30-60 HP)

This model is particularly sturdy with the construction and accessories typical of larger models, and adapts well to different types of soil. It is mainly used in fruit growing and wine culture. On request it can be supplied with multi speed gearbox; gear side transmission and “duo cone” waterproof sealing are standard features!


7.5-18.5 kW (10-25 HP)

Offset rotary tiller of small dimensions, recommended for hobby farmers and small farms, suitable for vineyards, orchards, vegetable crops and gardening. Particularly designed to have a sturdy build and a low power requirement to match light tractors.


22-59 kW (30-80 HP)

Model U, suitable for medium power tractors, is one of the most tested and reliable. This model maintains some of the characteristics common to the success of the Maschio rotary tiller; side gear drive, particularly sturdy frame and gearbox with 4 gears designed by Maschio.


11-30 kW (15-40 HP)

Adjustable rotary tiller with incomparable quality:price ratio, studied for small farms that require a light and extremely reliable product, suitable for horticulture and gardening. The structure allows use with tractors with power up to 40 HP.