Rexoil Long Life Antifreeze

Rexoil Long Life Antifreeze

It is an ethylene glycol based long life coolant formulated with organic additive technology ensuring the operation of engine at ideal working temperatures in every season. Perfectly protects all iron and aluminum alloy engines againsts rust and corrosion. Does not contain nitrite, amine,borate or silicates.


•Long life.
•Protects the engine against cold and heat thanks to its high thermal stability.
•Prevents the freezing of engine coolant in winter and boiling in summer.
•Perfectly protects iron and aluminum alloy engines against corrosion.
•Compatible with all sealings. 
•Provides protection against foaming.



BS 6580 (GB) FVV Heft R 443 (D) Afnor R 15/601 (1) (F) ASTM D 3306 and 4985, SAE J 1034 (1), JIS K 2234 (1) (J) KSM 2142 (K) NATO S 759, CUNA NC 956-16 (I) UNE 26361-88 (E) EMPA (CH) E/L 1415c (MIL Italy), Porsche/VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda TL 774 D/F, Mercedes MB 325.3, Ford ESE M97B49-A, CUMMINS 85T8-2 (1), Man N. Man 248 and 324, Wartsilia 32-9011 (C.W.), Pegaso, GM US 6277 M Renault 41-01-001, Ford WSS-M97B44-C, Chryisler MS 9176, Cummins 90T8-4, Mack 014GS17004 Man B&W D 36 5600, GM 1899M (1), Navistar B-1, Type III, Volvo (Reg. N° 260), Ford ESD M97 B49-A Opel GM QL 130100, Leyland Trucks LTS 22 AF 10, John Deere H 24 B1 and C1, Deutz/MWN 0199-2091 2 Auflage (C.W.), Mack 014GS17004.


  Property 100% Antifreeze  
  Nitrite, amine, phosphate, borate, silicate none  
  Boiling Point ⁰C, minimum 166  
  Density 20 ⁰C, g/ml 1,11  
  pH in water, 33 % vol. 8.4  
  Colour red  

The above values are typical values within the normal production tolerances.



  Antifreeze Water Protection Degree ⁰C  
  %33 %67 -20⁰C  
  %50 %50 -37⁰C