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Calbit C

Calbit C

Calcium complexed with LSA.

CALBIT C is a nutritional supplement based on calcium complexed with LSA. 
CALBIT C is indicated for the prevention and treatment of:

  • bitter pockmarks in apples;
  • apical rot of tomatoes;
  • rot (bruising) of peppers;
  • desiccation of melon leaves;
  • desiccation (tip burn) of lettuce, endives and escaroles,
  • cherry cracking of cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums.

Treatments with CALBIT C lead to increased fruit firmness and, consequently, longer shelf life. 
CALBIT C is ideal for applying calcium fertigation due to the presence of LSA complex that protects the same from insolubilisation reactions (LSA-Calcium complex is stable at pH between 3 and 6.5). 
If applied to the leaves, CALBIT C is not phytotoxic and does not cause russeting on the fruit susceptible to such physiological disorders (e.g.pome fruits fruits).


  • Promotes rapid translocation of calcium in fruits and flowers.
  • Also safe for early treatment on very delicate plants.
  • Miscible with most common with pesticides.